January 10, 2021

July 29, 2020

Tormented Soul

I will not be in peace so long as injustice thrives

May 04, 2020

Dariush - Gharare Sobh

An INSPIRING video ( spoken words, poem, and music ) by #DariushEghbali (Persian: داریوش اقبالی ‎‎) an Iranian singer, best known for his warm and poignant bass voice in honor of #WorldPressFreedomDay.
"Because language is not capable of expressing your love
I closed my mouth and wrote: On the paper, we read from those who are the creator of beauty and concept: "Tears are words waiting to be written, or to write something worth reading, or to do something worth writing, without words, without writing, and so on." "Without books, there will be no history and no concept of humanity. If there is a book you want to read but not yet written, write it down."
Where the pens dance freely, the truth smiles and lies fear.
May the fruitful papers of the free dance of pens be our heritage and relic for the future."



April 10, 2020


We have the ability to dive deep in the sea, fly high in the sky, send instant messages around the globe, reflect on the past, assess the present and imagine and build the future. Believe in your and our collective abilities.


September 19, 2018

This is the echo of Iran's breath

Lyrics: Moeini Kermanshahi
Music: Sadegh Nojooki
Arrangement: Ali Elahi


September 10, 2018

The Mind is Immortal

Dariush: The Mind is Immortal
Song: Pouyan Moghadassi
Artwork: Mana Neyestani
Video Editing: Ayeneh Foundation



March 21, 2017

On the eve of a new year, a new spring and an excuse to molt....

We must be willing to admit error, confront obsolescence, and throw out the old, tired ideas
We are no less than the earth my friends,
look, take a close look,
today, the earth is molting....

In a world where silence and indifference weighs on the shoulder of unity and solidarity,
In a world where wanting and having have replaced compassion and love,
In a world where feelings are forgotten and being alive has replaced living life,
In a world where reaching the top means walking on the back of others,
In a world where lonely bodies chose seclusion over sympathy,
In a world where we are helplessly roaming our days with the noose of life gripping our neck,
In a world where our trust and not just our beliefs have been lost in the oblivion,
In a world where our wounds grow deeper and our souls grow weary, our bodies grow weak and our spirits run dry.....

I would like us to live in peace with the world,
if dictatorship and oppression let us...

I would like us to look deeper in our souls and encourage tolerance,
if selfishness and self centeredness let us...

I would like compassion and kindness to become the norm,
if our ego and self-importance let us...

I would like our prisons to be free of our younger generation,
if human rights violations let us...

I would like our world not to be immersed in social maladies,
if the lack of knowledge and awareness let us...

I would like no child to die of hunger and war in the 21st century,
if the costs of nuclear and military powers let us...

I would like to see our youth be equipped to thrive in a changing world,
if cruelty and the death of humanity let us...

I would like friendships to be real and loving to be unconditional,
if virtual friendships and contractual affections let us...

I would like every year to be an opportunity for refreshing our mind and vision,
if prejudice and self righteousness let us...

I would like us to go from "me" to "us",
if our cultural diseases and our fear of globalization let us...

I would like the power of love to rule the world,
if the love of power let us...

Humanity has no boundaries, no religion, no politics and is colorblind. It is always beautiful and not expressed in words, but it should always be cherished. Living life requires our presence, and being present is our right and cherishing the moments is our only savior. We owe it to ourselves to create these moments. The past is gone, no one is handing us our future. We are the sole captains of our destiny and the key to our survival is to breaking our cocoons and evolve as butterflies.

Let us molt and flourish together and thrive holding the reign of our destiny...


October 26, 2015

My dearest, my dearest, take a look at me in the mirror.....

I had been practicing the art of silence for a while, maybe a silence which was desperately trying not to turn into words, and may be like a mirror I was trying to reflect life into my soul.

We humans are amazing creatures, we struggle in the search of conquering our valuables and for the survival of our dreams, but we never discover the world of our inner being. as fast as a blink of an eye, we have reached the end of another year, and in the privacy of our loneliness, we ponder on our belongings and all the dreams we have filed away. We have to live in the moments, we have to cherish the moments, we have to create life from the moments....

I have placed Ayeneh in front of you as a reflective mirror, so that in the repetitive rush of all the wounds and pains, ​I can remind you of the ever present power of love , hope and freedom. Facing the mirror we cannot hide realities behind words, the reality of recovery, the reality of compassion, the reality of being a healer and flourishing together. I have spoken to you about the grandeur of recovery, today at a time where life is warning us about the drought, it has been over a year that Ayeneh has, along with all our friends of recovery, gifted the gift of rejuvenation to our mother earth.

In the era of all the cold text messages​ the world shares, we opened the fourth chatroom in our Behboudichat website to welcome our wounded refugees so as to create a sanctuary of recovery for this wounded sector of the society. The other 3 chatrooms, dedicated to the friends of recovery, those seeking recovery and their families are still welcoming all those in need.

​Ayeneh's harvest this spring is a booklet we have created to empower all those who care suffering from the disease of codependency, so that with the helping hands of Ayeneh they can begin to learn how to recover themselves and play a constructive role in the lives of their loved ones​.

​You and I know that it has been years that handwritten letters have given their place to the computer screens and keyboards, today I would like to listen to your unspoken words and hear your take on the solutions, constructions and solutions, as always, talk to me about our land, Iran....​


August 12, 2012

March 23, 2012

Norouz means that no winter is endless...

Norouz means that no winter is endless...

Our Norouz is here, do you know anyone who mends happiness?
It is a fact that if we do not stop making mistakes, the mistakes will stop us in our track...
When love replaces hate,
When faith replaces hopelessness,
When beliefs replace doubts,
When light replaces darkness,
When kindness replaces animosity,
When ifs replace musts,
When awareness replaces lies and denial,
When there comes an end to the rape and killing of our youth,
When prevention replaces fight,
When education replaces fanaticism and ignorance,
When before criticizing the society we start questioning ourselves,
When before rebuilding our country we rebuild ourselves,
When we move from apathy to unity and solidarity,
Only and only then we will truly be free, we have to remember that life is not a name it is a verb, life is not love it is loving, life is not a song, it is singing, life is not a dance, it is dancing, and life is not about having and wanting, it is all about being and building...

During our Norouz, we need to discard the old rusty thoughts, and just like the earth and nature, let us dig deeper and see how we too can exfoliate our heart and soul and rejuvenate with spring. It is our whole hearted presence, from silence to cries, from the inopportune to the wealthy, from young to old, that depicts our identity and our nationalism. The distance between two hands is a space called ME and YOU, my dear friends, tell me please how we can find our lost souls in this chaos?