March 23, 2012

Norouz means that no winter is endless...

Norouz means that no winter is endless...

Our Norouz is here, do you know anyone who mends happiness?
It is a fact that if we do not stop making mistakes, the mistakes will stop us in our track...
When love replaces hate,
When faith replaces hopelessness,
When beliefs replace doubts,
When light replaces darkness,
When kindness replaces animosity,
When ifs replace musts,
When awareness replaces lies and denial,
When there comes an end to the rape and killing of our youth,
When prevention replaces fight,
When education replaces fanaticism and ignorance,
When before criticizing the society we start questioning ourselves,
When before rebuilding our country we rebuild ourselves,
When we move from apathy to unity and solidarity,
Only and only then we will truly be free, we have to remember that life is not a name it is a verb, life is not love it is loving, life is not a song, it is singing, life is not a dance, it is dancing, and life is not about having and wanting, it is all about being and building...

During our Norouz, we need to discard the old rusty thoughts, and just like the earth and nature, let us dig deeper and see how we too can exfoliate our heart and soul and rejuvenate with spring. It is our whole hearted presence, from silence to cries, from the inopportune to the wealthy, from young to old, that depicts our identity and our nationalism. The distance between two hands is a space called ME and YOU, my dear friends, tell me please how we can find our lost souls in this chaos?

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