October 26, 2015

My dearest, my dearest, take a look at me in the mirror.....

I had been practicing the art of silence for a while, maybe a silence which was desperately trying not to turn into words, and may be like a mirror I was trying to reflect life into my soul.

We humans are amazing creatures, we struggle in the search of conquering our valuables and for the survival of our dreams, but we never discover the world of our inner being. as fast as a blink of an eye, we have reached the end of another year, and in the privacy of our loneliness, we ponder on our belongings and all the dreams we have filed away. We have to live in the moments, we have to cherish the moments, we have to create life from the moments....

I have placed Ayeneh in front of you as a reflective mirror, so that in the repetitive rush of all the wounds and pains, ​I can remind you of the ever present power of love , hope and freedom. Facing the mirror we cannot hide realities behind words, the reality of recovery, the reality of compassion, the reality of being a healer and flourishing together. I have spoken to you about the grandeur of recovery, today at a time where life is warning us about the drought, it has been over a year that Ayeneh has, along with all our friends of recovery, gifted the gift of rejuvenation to our mother earth.

In the era of all the cold text messages​ the world shares, we opened the fourth chatroom in our Behboudichat website to welcome our wounded refugees so as to create a sanctuary of recovery for this wounded sector of the society. The other 3 chatrooms, dedicated to the friends of recovery, those seeking recovery and their families are still welcoming all those in need.

​Ayeneh's harvest this spring is a booklet we have created to empower all those who care suffering from the disease of codependency, so that with the helping hands of Ayeneh they can begin to learn how to recover themselves and play a constructive role in the lives of their loved ones​.

​You and I know that it has been years that handwritten letters have given their place to the computer screens and keyboards, today I would like to listen to your unspoken words and hear your take on the solutions, constructions and solutions, as always, talk to me about our land, Iran....​