February 19, 2012

Once upon time….

We have all grown up with the same children’s stories that began with the same opening sentence, reiterating what lonely beings we all are, and how at the end of it all our long drawn out journey will never reach its destination...

I have been asked time and again why silence?
I always would like to reply with another question: "if silence is bad then how come everyone is silent?

I took a quick look back and saw the echoes of my 40 year old journey staring back at me. Maybe we can hear the echoes of our plight only in utter silence, but I don't believe that silence is the answer. I consider silence as meditation, as a deeper insight into the psyche, the soul, my soul, yours, and our tormented souls which although the pain is eating away at it we remain an audience, it is destroying us but we remain spectators, it is debilitating us but we stay in limbo, we feel death nearing but we sit waiting...

Evolving from myths to facts needs a bit of meditation, moving from reaction to action necessitates some mediation, progressing from failures to victories requires a bit of meditation, evaluation and re-evaluation. Silence is golden when you are pondering on the avenues and means to really hear and feel our inner imprisoned voice warning us to stop living with denials which will only create a sure path to repeating our previous mistakes over and over again.

Don't you think this repetition is enough? Don't you think this history of repetition and this repetition of our history is enough?