December 26, 2011

There is no stopping the youngling…

Although December 7th (16 Azar) is symbolized as the birth of the student movement in our country, but today I have chosen to share my thoughts with all my countrymen, as well as our students, as I firmly believe that seeking education and awareness must be the goal of every single one of us all around the world. Not only to support the student movement, but because awareness and education is the only thing that will set all of us and our country free.
I hope that the culture of awareness will replace the culture of denial, the culture of dictatorship, the culture of ignorance, the culture of lies, the culture of power hungriness, the culture of slow disintegration into the abyss, the culture of indifference, and the culture of hopelessness and prejudice.
Maybe the most effective way to support our students is to wake up and educate ourselves; maybe the only way to fuel the growth of the freedom movement is for each and every one of us to undergo a cultural revolution, an uprising against ourselves, a freedom from our own mental prisons, what do you think?
Today, instead of talking about the edification of our students, we only hear about their being banned from continuing their education. For years students all over the world have been facing the chalk board, in our country they are facing the hangman’s noose and the executioner’s riffles, student’s worldwide struggle to succeed, but in our country they struggle to survive. In the past, students carried their books and now they carry their classmate’s coffin.
Why should you lock your lips to unlock the university doors? Why?
Looking back you see nothing but the abyss, looking forward the killing fields!!!???
But I can hear the students’ footsteps…
I am wishing for the day when our students will juggle opportunities instead of limitations and censorships,
I am wishing for the day when the classrooms will welcome our students and not the solitary confinements,
I am wishing for the day when the target is the students’ success not the students themselves,
I am wishing for the day when the hearts and souls of our students thrive on the streets of our country and not in the prison cells,
I am wishing for the day when our students are not victims but the instigators of change and evolution and progress,
I am wishing for the day when we as people seek justice by fighting injustice instead of seeking revenge,
And finally, I am wishing for the day when we as people go from being watchers to fighters, when we go from reacting to acting, and fight with our students, our freedom seekers.
Let us cherish and remember all those students who gave their lives in the fight for freedom, let us be the ever present supporters of those like Majid Tavakoli, Fereshteh Shirazi, Ziya Nabavi, Arya Arya Nejad and all their compatriots and our countrymen who are tirelessly fighting every moment of their lives for freedom, our freedom, let us not just be their voice, but be their true partners, allies, countrymen and compatriot and walk and fight besides them.
In this nightmare, you and I are the kind,
You and I are the north, the south, the east and the west,
Don’t fear the dark; you are the light, aren’t you?
Don’t fear the drought; you are the quenching dew, aren’t you?