October 09, 2011

My country, My pride, My land...


My country, My pride, My land...

The gradual drying of Lake Urmia, one of the world’s largest saltwater lakes, is not only a national tragedy, but a social and economic natural resource catastrophe, and a huge international devastation.

Alas, in addition to the demise of lake Urmia, we are witnessing our Esfahani countrymen who are facing the distressing consequences of the drying of Zayande river, along with our hardworking khouzestanis who are dealing with the increased salinity of the Sharb waters, and last but not least the desolation of our countrymen in the south of Teheran being poisoned by the ever increasing infestation of their drinking water. I believe that we all share the social, economical and environmental consequences of these devastating living examples of our natural resources destruction, and as we feel and share the pain of our countrymen, the responsibility of healing these wounds lays on all our shoulders.

The question remains, how can we make the virtual disappearance of our beloved Urmia lake and the honorable and justified uprising and fight of our Azerbaijani countrymen yet another stimulus to encourage our entire country’s fight against other social maladies, including the demise of our natural resources?

If the culprits, if the enemies are known to each and every one of us, if fighting for the survival of our beloved natural resources are truly believed by every one of us to be an integral part of our fight against injustice, torture, execution, and other injustices destroying our country and countrymen, who is responsible to stop these injustices? How can we perpetually be united and ever present in our demand for our human rights?