May 03, 2009

Our Ancient Land

The identity of a country is inherent in that of its people and culture.
If we do not see how intermingled the history of our land is with that of our people, we will never succeed in overcoming our obstacles in a quest to reach peace and prosperity.

I have been perplexed and baffled for years as to why no one
believes that what has come of us stems from years of denial,
belittling and suppression of our national identity?
We have seen a complete oversight of the existence and presence of our countrymen in such mottos as “God, King,Country” in the past, and now, the enforcement of the Islamic laws has awarded our country not only with a repeat of this condescending disregard, but also thirty years of utter contempt for our national identity.

Let us not fear the cloudy skies and annihilate the clouds
of denial, and seek to restore our lost national identity.
Let us work hand in hand to resolve our cultural issues and
shortcomings, and move from global fear to global solidarity.
Let us set aside our personal needs and wants, avoid hero
worship, and obliterate our blind prejudices, and stop
burying our glorious history with our own hands.
Let us awaken our inner awareness and consciousness, and
find a comprehensive solution to prevent our history to be
engulfed in a vicious cycle of repetitive mistakes and oversights.

It is indeed our presence, from our silent cries to our upheavals, from our weaknesses to our strengths, Young and old, from any gender and sect, that creates the identity of our precious land.
The history of our glorious country is a testament of the fact
that no abominable power has ever been capable of preventing our capable and compassionate countrymen from achieving success.

Today is the first day of our future and that of our land,
and only we are capable to create our history.
In the space between our hands lies your soul and mine,
Where should we search for that which we have lost?