January 08, 2009

“The Silent Miracle” Images of love and messages of hope A memorable souvenir from Dariush


After four years of anticipation, Dariush’s new album, “ The Silent Miracle” will be released on January 15, 2009 through DBM Enterprises, established by Dariush himself. A look back at the history of the world of Art in our country depicts repetitive and continuous destructive blows to this entity, especially in the music industry, through abuse, carelessness, censorship, filtering and corruption in the industries in charge of the distribution and sale of music in our society, and artists have been witnessing the pillage of their creations for years.

Dariush is one of the very few artists, who has always been dedicated to his goals, his constructive objectives, and his responsibilities towards his country and his people, not only in his artistic endeavors, but also in his humanitarian deeds. He has always sought to create an avenue for his values and his legacy to present life’s realities and truths to his people. In “The Silent Miracle” once again, Dariush has managed to break the barriers and present us directly, with another one of his magnificent creations, which speaks of our sentiments, our needs, our plight and the realities of our lives.