October 03, 2006

Thinking neither hurts nor costs anything!

Dear friends,

I did not want to give up on a journey I so eagerly started, mostly because I am still hopeful and do not want to lose hope. Even though you left my previous questions unanswered, and the entries fell astray from the original path, but I am always grateful and deeply appreciative of your kind and loving messages.

I cannot and will not sit still and idle for something to happen, because the situation is such that I would like for all of us to be creating the opportune moments and events, side by side. Alas that we are lonely loners, light years apart.
I opened this window of compassion so that those who thrive on lending a helping hand can reach out and touch those in need, and through a constructive and productive plan, wounds are nursed and mended.

Nothing is more beautiful and grand to me than being constructive and leaving a positive and everlasting impression on another life. I will never stray from my ambition and aspiration, because I would like to share the beauty of life through the eyes of those who are trying to survive life in a cruel world.

We are living in a state of disunion, but we don’t even know what disunion is. We only want the freedom within the realm of our own parameters and our own life, we avoid communicating with each other and cannot tolerate other’s alternative viewpoints.

Beaumarchais, the French playwright says: "until there is freedom of criticism, we cannot admire life, until there is freedom of criticism, growth and advancement in every sector of personal, societal, political and cultural will not occur."
Success in a group endeavor requires special ingredients, such as tolerance for constructive criticism, tolerance to listen to an opposing viewpoint, acceptance of one's own mistakes, respect for others opinion, fulfilling one's responsibilities, respecting the law and acknowledging the priority of the benefit of the society over one's own.

Every problem should be addressed at its core root, and the individual link of the societal chain, meaning within every single one of us as an individual. Because a society composed of individuals filled with distrust and disbelief, and distanced from each other cannot instigate and encourage a collective constructive movement.

We need a complete cultural cleansing, which cannot be accomplished unless we first and foremost admit to our own misjudgments, misconceptions, tunnel vision and destructive vision, with our heat and soul. Intolerance and bigotry not only are destructive, but they also prevent growth , advancement, and success. Let us first admit that our approach, our method, our tactic, and our attitude, so far, have been unsuccessful; and let us look diligently and consciously for a solution.

Every solution begins with an inquiring and inquisitive mind, let's not ask others to do the thinking for us, we can all be pioneers, who hand in hand, with our own individuality, an open mind, a clear judgement, an unassuming and unpretentious attitude, take constructive steps. We need a collective leadership and not a single leader. Why do we always evade the logical route, thinking neither hurts nor costs anything!

Have you ever realized how we are always ready and willing to destroy but never to build?
Have you ever realized that the creditor is always after getting his money back, but the debtor is always evading to pay his debt?

Now, here is my question to you, do we believe that we are the ones who owe it to the world and this life or do we believe that the world and this life owes something to us?
If we are the creditors, what is owed to us? And if we are on the other side of the fence, how are we going to pay our debt?

As any insightful and intelligent human being, who has special and inherent abilities, let us find a solution whereby our individual abilities can complement the collective abilities of our nation. Let us not put up with this world, let us build it anew…

Bidding you triumph and success

Dariush Eghbali