September 12, 2005

The wounds of a nation

I would like to share with you a part of the comments I made when I was visiting the Iranian refugees in Belgium last July; in an attempt to invite you all to collectively find a constructive solution for our problems:

"I do not want to be pessimistic, I would like for this to be a beginning. A beginning for a path, where each and every one of us, independent of our personal beliefs, as human beings, stand by each other and address our problems as a team. Problems are always there and present themselves in different formats, and unfortunately frustrate us and at times result in our demise. If we are in need, let us tear this curtain of denial and shout: "I need help". At times, and too often, we allow our egos to torment us.

Many do not like such gatherings; many have been the cause of us being so scattered and dispersed, thus rendering us unable to unite. This is all due to the ever present cloud of distrust, spiritually and monetarily.
Obviously, the issue of the future of our children is of utmost importance. We always bring up the notion of prevention. Prevention will allow our children to understand the devastation of addiction, the pain of run away children, the destruction of prostitution. Prevention will allow our children to know what it is to be a refugee.

We are a sea of victims who are struggling for survival, but why should we allow our children to pay the price?
For the sake of our children, let us unite and act in solidarity. One of the goals of Ayeneh Foundation is to record pages of our history as a nation in exile, through the eyes of our children. To ponder on their thoughts, their plights, what has hurt them without our knowledge, what were there needs and wants?
We all talk about solidarity, throw around slogans, but do we really know what solidarity is?
We Iranians claim we know it all, and although we do not know very much we consider ourselves to be expert at all things.
But, I have learned to listen from now on, and never claim that I know it all. I do not know anything yet, but I do know that I am a human being with many spiritual needs, engulfed in a sea of pain. I do not know anything yet, but I would like to learn from my countrymen.
A little bit from here, a little bit from thereā€¦"

And a little bit from you.
Because these are the wounds of our nation.

Dariush Eghbali